About us

TECHNION was established in April 2014 in Athens, with the objective of providing integrated solutions to a wide range of applications. The concept was clear. Identify solutions for high performance and end result. The means were dictated by nature itself. Implement solutions which will protect the environment while taking advantage of the unlimited renewable resources it has to offer. The target was achievable. Do so with the minimum cost.

Based on the above factors TECHNION can offer its services in either one of the individual stages of a project, design, management, procurement and construction or for the entire project ensuring the on schedule and high quality completion.

The activities include projects related to management and / or transfer of water resources and wastewater, providing solutions to lighting projects with LED technology products and the ability to offer solutions for energy production from renewable sources by the use of wind turbines.

The constant research, in collaboration with our suppliers and partners, for new materials and methods or ways of improving the existing, offer us the desired outcome. Protection of the environment, cost reduction and improvement of living conditions .



New efficient solutions for clean water or cleaning water


Reliable equipment for production of clean energy


Energy efficient lighting solutions at home, workplace, park or street