Our Services

Engineering design

The design phase of a project determines, if not its outcome, definitely its course. Technion can provide detailed and innovative design solutions, at the primary stages or at the review stage, taking under consideration the construction, maintenance and operation parameters of your project.


Quality materials, at the most competitive prices, from proven suppliers, safely delivered, on time. This phrase describes the bases of Technion's procurement abilities but also our and our supplier's network way of thinking in dealing with your project.


We transform designs into reality. Construction is the essence of our business therefore we provide a variety of construction methods in order to achieve maximum quality and minimum cost. Technion can perform onsite construction or modular construction if it is required by the worksite conditions or project design.


Our detailed design and wide range of cooperating companies allows us to implement solutions based on fabrication. Technion has the capacity to self-perform fabrication for several construction scenarios but also has the ability to use an established wide network of fabrication sub-contractors resulting in cost minimization and schedule optimization.

Project management

The funds have been secured, the best materials have been selected, the worksite is operational and expert technicians have been included in the team. All these parameters may lead to nothing if they are not perfectly integrated and managed. Technion, based on a detailed management process can guarantee the best end result for your project.


New efficient solutions for clean water or cleaning water


Reliable equipment for production of clean energy


Energy efficient lighting solutions at home, workplace, park or street