Our Markets

Pump stations - Custom design

We offer a complete range of equipment and construction methods for any requirements may arise for your project. Pump stations, for water or sewage, based on your needs can be designed and/or constructed.

Pump stations - Compact

When the need to go small is required, TECHNION can provide the solution with our wide range of compact design pump stations for water and sewage. Our systems can be housed in PE chambers, concrete modules or metallic modules.

Desalination system - Compact

Low energy consumption compact systems for desalination can be provided offering also the option of synergy with a wind turbine for autonomous function.

Wastewater treatment system - Compact

Based on your project requirements, tailor made compact wastewater treatment systems can be offered incorporating the most suitable method for high end results and low energy consumption.

Wind Turbines

TECHNION can provide wind turbines for energy production up to 50kW. Long operational life and low maintenance requirements are two of the key factors our solutions can guaranty.

Indoor LED lighting

Complete range of LED lighting is available for your home, office, business with extremely long, high efficiency, operational life and amazing energy consumption reduction.

Outdoor LED lighting

A vast variety of designs and applications outdoor LED lighting products are offered for parks, streets, highways, airports and many other. Custom designs are also possible based on quantities requested and time given.